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harmless horntail
9 December
Regards from Hungary. I'm Ildi, and I'm happy to meet you. :)
A few things about this journal:

1. Function.

Ildibox is only a gallery, so I don't going to bother you too much with personal things and daily entries. Actually I would be happy with weekly entries, but the reality is that I post when I have something new, and as frequently as Real Life allows me. :)

2. English language.
Sorry in advance for every mistake, I have some difficulties with English.

3. Friending.

Friends Only Posts
Ildibox started as an open journal but there are a few pictures I don't want to display to people who are not interested in that kind of art, so you have to friend this journal if you want to see the NC-17 stuff - or you have to watch the adult rated communities I am member of. Don't worry if I don't friend you back right away! I WILL check the list and fix everything before I post any "friends only" material, I promise.

4. Icons, archives, wallpapers and who-knows-what-else
First rule: I will say yes. :)
If you show me your creation I will send you big smoochies ;-*
Also you can get the printable version (or computer wallpaper if I have time) of most of the pics. Just ask


ISFP - "Artist". Interested in the fine arts. Expression primarily through action or art form. The senses are keener than in other types. 8.8% of total population.
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